New Year Resolution?

Happy New Years! 2017 sure had a lot more downs then ups but that's life. I'll just have to make 2018 an unforgettable year. Try new things. See the world. Maybe even post blogs about 'em. New Year, New Adventures. That's going to be my motto. I use to come up with goals to achieve … Continue reading New Year Resolution?

New year, same me?

As the first day of 2018 comes to a close, I'm deliberating on my New Year's resolutions. I've never been that big into celebrating New Year's or making resolutions and certainly not sticking to them when and if I did. You can't fail if there is no goal right?! Anyways, this year I decided I did … Continue reading New year, same me?

-‘Tubing: The New Journey-

Going home for the holidays gives you a lot of free time. A lot. You might have to run errands, prep Christmas presents, and wash your car. Nevertheless, you'll still have hours and days you can't fill up with just watching tv or hanging with the family. One of my roommates, Rachel, and I had … Continue reading -‘Tubing: The New Journey-


Heres to another Christmas season spent as a gimp. Two years ago I had surgery (different kind) on the same foot. The major difference this time is I have to wear this huge cast. I have no idea how to put on any of my leggings. I've got about 19 days left with the cast … Continue reading Gimpy

Halloween 2k16

Dress up? Not often you get to play dress up when you’re an adult and Halloween is one the times you can do it! Dress up! Don’t be in the mindset that you’re too old to play dress up. BECAUSE you’re not. I love being a little kid every chance I get and this is … Continue reading Halloween 2k16

My Best Friend is Married!

Sarah is one of my closest friend. I would even go as far as calling her one of my best friend. Sean and Sarah (which from now on if I mention both of them they will be referred to as S&S) have been through a lot together and I was very happy to be part … Continue reading My Best Friend is Married!

-Truck Yeah-

You know the one upside about getting hit by a bus? YOU GET A RENTAL TRUCK! So let me just start at the beginning so you get how the best two and a half weeks came about. My cousin came up to Gainesville to visit her friends for a birthday so I planned to take … Continue reading -Truck Yeah-

-Weekly Photo-

Our friend Nick was about to be deployed to Japan for what feels like forever. So we thought the best going away present was to photoshop all our faces into the best photo ever.  I'm glad we all became friends. Even if it was only for a single moment in this lifetime. Friends, Jennie N.


It's winter time and the weather is still hot in good old Florida. Today the weather was 80• F! 80•! Its going to be a hot Christmas this year which makes it feel less Christmas-y. But on the plus side, the beach - here I come! Jennie N.

-Thanksgiving Away From Home-

Five years. That's how long I've moved away from home, but this is the first year I won't be going home for Thanksgiving. Won't be eating homemade turkey and stuffing. No home cooked food not made by me. Won't be surrounded by family. This year I will be staying in Gainesville with one of my … Continue reading -Thanksgiving Away From Home-