Halloween 2k16

Dress up? Not often you get to play dress up when you’re an adult and Halloween is one the times you can do it! Dress up! Don’t be in the mindset that you’re too old to play dress up. BECAUSE you’re not. I love being a little kid every chance I get and this is a great opportunity for my friends and I to get imaginative.
This year I decided to go as Batman for one get together and Patrick Star for another. If you don’t know who Patrick Star is, he’s a character from a Nickelodeon tv show called SpongeBob Squarepants. I made most of the Patrick Star costume from scratch.
What was awesome was that I even met other people dressed as different characters from the show.

Barnicle Boy and Mermaid Man


My friends

Halloween 2k16 was a blast,
Jennie N.

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