-Truck Yeah-

You know the one upside about getting hit by a bus?



So let me just start at the beginning so you get how the best two and a half weeks came about.

My cousin came up to Gainesville to visit her friends for a birthday so I planned to take her to the batting cage. I woke up earlier than I had all summer to pick her behind up. She was staying on campus at her friend’s dorm. We hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet as a bus turned in and smashed into my back bumper. Not any old bus. Not even the UF school bus. [Also known as the RTS] An Alachua coimg_1499unty school bus.

My cousin and I just turned and look at each other for a good ten second and then burst out laughing. Side Note: Back when I was in high school, my car also get damaged because I was with her.

Did all the usual stuff. Called the popo [police]. Got a police report. Went home called my insurance. Called their insurance – through the school board which is located in Tallahassee (was a real hassle until I got the right number). Got quotes on the damages.

At first, I wasn’t going to get a rental car but then I got the estimate and they said I had to leave the car in the shop for about a week. I had work so I couldn’t do that so I contacted the school board again and they were on point. They got me a rental the day I turned my car into the shop.

Enterprise came and picked me up at Toyota. When I got there, there was a lot of paperwork to fill out for a new car and they had a situation where a guy couldn’t come pick up his truck. The manager asked if anyone wanted a truck and the wait time would not be so long. AND OF COURSE I GRABBED THAT DEAL! I have always wanted a truck but I can’t afford one just yet. And just as the manager said, right after I said yes, all I had to do was signed my name for the truck and they sent the bill to the board.


The truck was everything I asked for. My friends made me drive everywhere because it was that amazing. We took it everywhere. To the springs. Even the shortest distance – the mailbox. I even looked up the price for one of those trucks. I’ll own one one day. When the week was about to end, I called the shop and they said it was actually going to take them longer because once they took the whole trunk apart they noticed damages that they couldn’t see before. They emailed me the new estimate and I got in contact with the school board again. They extended the rental again. It was beautiful.


But eventually every good thing must come to an end. The day to finally turn the truck back in was a sad day for me. That day, a couple of my friends and I took it for a drive. We drove to the next town over and just had a blast.

There was one downside to the truck though. It was SOOOOO MASSIVE that parking it in Gainesville’s narrow parking spots were crazy.


Truck Yeah,

Jennie Ngo

p.s. I don’t think we took enough pictures of the truck. 😀


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