-First Time Kayaking-

WOW. It’s was my first time going kayaking. As you can tell from the title. Right afterwards I wanted to go out and buy a kayak. If only I had a car where I can easily transport it. img_9785

My roommate and I were one of the only ones in town during the break so we decided we should do something fun. So I was browsing on Groupon. While cruising through the pages, I saw there was a kayaking trip for only $25 for two people. A half a daykayaking trip. (4 hours) I texted her and she was super excited so I went ahead and booked the trip.
The trip was along the Santa Fe River. There were two different route. We decided to take the route with the most springs because we could hit the springs on the way down the river. (Do you think I said springs enough? No? Me either.)

img_9839We picked one of the hottest days to go (personal opinion). The sun was so bright over our heads but the scenery was beautiful. We took breaks every so often and just floated down the river. I wished I had brought a book along because it was so peaceful.


I would 100% recommend it to anyone who enjoys being outdoors and active. Active being a key factor because the days after we were super sore. But it was also our first time so muscles haven’t built up there yet.

Definitely would recommend,

Jennie N.


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