If there comes a time
When you have to choose
Between her and me
Don’t choose me
For if you have loved me
You wouldn’t have been with another
Wouldn’t have wavered
Wouldn’t have hesitated
To begin with
And as much as it hurts me
I’ll let you go
 you happiness
Break my own heart
Take time to heal and move forward

Let you go || © Loan N. 

When you love someone so much and give them everything, letting go it one of the hardest and most painful feeling.  However, by holding on, you only hurt yourself and make things worse.  If someone choses another over you, leave them, and wish them happiness.  Clearly, they just told you that they don’t love you.  They are saving you the pain in the future, so thank them for doing it now, rather than later.  Free yourself from the pain and move forward.  


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