-Weekly Photo-

Our friend Nick was about to be deployed to Japan for what feels like forever. So we thought the best going away present was to photoshop all our faces into the best photo ever.  I'm glad we all became friends. Even if it was only for a single moment in this lifetime. Friends, Jennie N.

-Happiest Place On Earth-

Every time someone mentions Walt Disney World, they always tell you how happy they were. I can attest to that. I've been to Disney quite a few times now. And each time I go I feel nostalgic¬†in the pit of my stomach. To the days when I was young and my parents and I would … Continue reading -Happiest Place On Earth-

-Asian Dominoes!-

Mahjong. I always wanted to learn how to play since I was young while watching Asian dramas. My cousin Nhi and I were hanging out for the holidays recently. She pulled out her old mahjong kit that she never played with and we decided to learn. Like all professional, we went to look for a … Continue reading -Asian Dominoes!-