Loyal People

One of the worst feelings one can experience is being betrayed by the one they love. It is so sad to see so many loyal men and women getting hurt by those whom they have been faithful to just to be betrayed by them. Loyalty is rare and hard to find; and those who push and … Continue reading Loyal People

-Night Adventures-

I remember the night being extremely cold. Seth, Sarah, and I were hanging out like any usual night. We were walking around campus when we happen upon people hanging out flyers. The flyers were for a bonfire fundraising event for the church. Being the adventurers we are, we said what the hay. Not anticipating the … Continue reading -Night Adventures-

Worth Loving

She knew she would hurt herself Putting his broken pieces back together But she didn't care For what's worth having never comes easily And love doesn't come easily So the harder it was to love someone like him The harder she loved him For he was worthy of being love With every broken pieces Worth … Continue reading Worth Loving

-Orange and Blue-

School spirit. It's everywhere. Especially, football games. In specific, college football games. People come from all over to enjoy Saturdays together. Whether watching it at home or at the stadiums themselves. For example, this past Saturday, the Gators started off kind of rocky. But no matter what the fans cheered. Whether they win or lose … Continue reading -Orange and Blue-

-Color Your World-

Take a night off. Get some friends together. Go to a concert / outdoor dance party where they throw glow paint at you. Also known as Life In Color. Here are some blurry pictures from that night. Making Memories, Jennie N.


I never wanted to let you go. I wanted to hold onto you forever. But my heart has gone tired and wary. It's been played with, damaged, and broken. My heart is dead.  There is no longer a lifeline. No longer a pulse.  Just a flatline. Flatline || © Loan N.  I never wanted to give up on us. I wanted to fight the odds and make it through. I wanted it so badly.  I wanted you, and only you. … Continue reading Flatline


Your pain, let me bear it and make it mine. Let me set you free. Let me embrace you and melt away the sufferings you have endured. Let me be the stars to guide you to a place with no sufferings and pain. A place where love never ends; a place call home. Home || © Loan … Continue reading Home

-A+ Sales Rep-

You know the random stands in the mall with people hassling you to try this and smell that? Well while my friend, T, and I were at the mall, one of those sales personnel came up and handed out flyers. I always try to take a flyer or sample whenever someone is handing them out … Continue reading -A+ Sales Rep-

A Little Story

My parents are from Vietnam and they reminisce about their past by telling me tales of the olden days. Well, everyone knows the beach is surrounded by all sorts of bird. Seagulls. Pelicans. All that. Anyways, my family were chilling by the picnic area of the beach and I was feeding the birds bread crumbs … Continue reading A Little Story