-Camping Trip of Our Nightmare: Part Two-

I remember everyone joking about whose idea it was to go camping. (Sarah was kind of quiet throughout the exchange. I'll tell you why later in the story.) We were bonding over our mutual hatred of camping. One by one, we started to drift off. Around 3, I felt stirring next to me. I opened … Continue reading -Camping Trip of Our Nightmare: Part Two-

-Fun In The Sun-

College is great. They offer some many fun activities either for free or discounted prices. At UF, there's this lake where they offer all these outdoor activities for free as long as you're a student or have a Gator ID. Lake Walburg is one of my favorite hangout place in Gainesville. Definitely would recommend. The … Continue reading -Fun In The Sun-

Favorite Sound

When I have a bad day or feeling down, just the sound of your voice makes everything better. I don't ask for much.  I only ask for your time. That is the most precious thing you can give me, your time and your love. Loan N.

-Camping Trip of Our Nightmares: Part One-

Some of my friends decided they wanted to go on a trip together for spring break. Gabby, Seth, Sarah, Nick, Gloria, and I decided that a camping trip would be fun and adventurous. Yay, my first camping trip! Gabby and I were in charge of planning the trip. We decided to have the trip towards … Continue reading -Camping Trip of Our Nightmares: Part One-

-Baking Like A Pro-

So. Baking from scratch is a challenge. Fun. But a challenge. I took a trip up to Tallahassee to visit my best friend, Katelynn. She moved up there after she married A.J. who attends FSU. We decided we wanted to bake a carrot cake from scratch. She told her dad and he thought we were … Continue reading -Baking Like A Pro-

Constant War

My mind is telling me to let you go and set myself free. But my heart is too stubborn to listen. For I have fallen for you too deeply to just let you go. I want to hold onto you And love you more each and everyday But the more I love you, the more … Continue reading Constant War

-Geocaching Fail!-

A few friends came over to my place to hang out. The thing about Gainesville is that it's mainly a college town so there's not much to do. After the first year, you've basically did everything there is to do in Gville. The five of us were lounging around at my apartment when Seth had … Continue reading -Geocaching Fail!-

-New Orleans, LA-

I got a phone call from my friend, Gloria, and she asked what my plans are for the summer and I told her that all I had plan at the time was the cruise with my grandparents. "Good," she replied. She told me how her and her friend, Tori, were planning a trip to New … Continue reading -New Orleans, LA-

-Canada Day!-

I was minding my own business when I get a text from my aunt asking me if I was going to Canada. And that's how my summer plans came about. I asked my grandparents why they were going to Canada and if I could come too. They said they were going for my grandpa's sister … Continue reading -Canada Day!-

When I say

When I tell you I miss you, I mean every word. I don’t want anything from you. I just want to let you know you mean a lot to me. You’re one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. And people come and go, but with you, I honestly want you to stay in my life, never wanting to lose you. And I am never the type of person to take … Continue reading When I say